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When you know better, you do better;

Experience is the best Teacher!!

A love of learning is a lifelong gift from teacher to student At The GVV. Students are given a variety of tools that form the foundation for more advanced study as they grow and are encouraged to make connections across a range of subject areas. They are also encouraged to engage in teams as well as in their independent work.

Emphasis falls upon the children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder about their world. Music, Science, Stories and Language Arts are explored. Explore Academics Daily pre-academic foundational skills for kindergarten students include Language Arts, Math and handwriting.

Middle school academics are based on a classical education model and incorporate traditional learning methods, Harkness-style discussions and multi-modal learning strategies.

High school students delve deeper into class work through Socratic-based discussions. All students develop knowledge of the Sciences, History, Language Arts, Math and Sanskrit. Teachers nurture the learning process so that children are motivated, self-reliant and inquisitive. Beyond the core academic subjects, The GVV School curriculum is enhanced by art, music, community service and countless other activities to captivate the interests and passions of each student.