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Mission Statement

“To Create great individuals with ethical behaviour & enriche them with Indian values, respect for others, cooperation & love for their parents.”

The Garima School seeks to grow Indian Values & focuses on character building of student to make them better “Human-Beings”

The Garima School seeks to inspire confidence, passion and a love of learning in every child.

Our school focuses on 21st Century skills and impart knowledge to our learners which is Competincy based creating experinced minds through Experiential Learning to build students to take up future challenges

Vision Statement

The Garima School is, first and foremost, a family. Teachers, parents and peers support and guide students as they develop our school’s core values of kindness, cooperation and respect.

We depend upon the enthusiastic participation of every school member to support each student in their journey to become a confident person and a passionate learner.

The inclusion of rigorous academics, music, art, sports, dance, outdoor and indoor play, mindfulness art integration of subjects , art integrated learning , activities bases on real life concepts realted to the topics, hands on learning activitites to promote reflection, critical thinking , creativity and self direction among learners, and daily assignments enriches both mind and heart.

In this way students are empowered to strive to be their best, which helps to bring out the unique greatness of each student.