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Our Committee

Our Committee

Access to a wide range of community members, who regularly engage in meaningful and enriching dialogue with our students, ensures that our students have more role models and mentors from different walks of life involved in their growing up. Their contribution is invaluable in providing guidance to the students from many different directions– whether it is life skills, understanding a subject better or talking about teenager stuff. Regular and intensive feedback to and from the community members and a commonality in messaging ensures that the child does not receive conflicting or confusing messages.

Board of Directors

Patron Mr. P.K Shukla (High Court Advocate)
President Mr. Mohanlal Bagora (High Court Advocate)
Director/Secretary Director/Secretary ( Educator since 1988)
Treasurer Mr. R.D Yadav

School Managing Committee

Principal Ms. Rama Sharma
Vice Principal Mrs. Shanta Kumari

PTA (Parent’s Teacher Association)

President of PTA Mrs. Renu Jain
Principal Mr. R.P Nethani (principal Itma School)
Principal Mr. Jitendra Shinde ( Keshav Vidhya Peeth)
Parent member Mr. Arun Dubey
Parent member Mr. Naraya Dave
Teacher member Mrs. Manisha Malik
Teacher member Mrs. Rani Raghuvanshi
Teacher member Dr. Rajesh Gour

Internal Complaints Committee

Chairperson Mr. Mohanlal Bagora
Member Secretary Mrs. Madhu Rai
Member Mr. Pradeep Dwivedi
Member Mrs. Jaya Shah
Member Mr. Anil Borasi

Disciplinary Committee

Vice- Principal Mrs. Shanta Kumari
Co-ordinator Dr.Rajesh Gour
Games Teacher Mr. Akash Yadav
Member Teacher Mrs. Kusum Singh

Anti Ragging & Anti Sexual Harassment committee

President Mr. Mohanlal Bagora
Member Mrs. Madhu Rai
Member Mrs. Asha Zindani
Member Mr.Anil Borasi

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