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Intellectual Development

“The purpose of our school is not only that our students go out and create great careers- but also that they go out and create great nation and a progressed as well as a peaceful world.”

We feel proud to announce the result of session 2019-20. The achievers of our school of Std. XII are: -

i) Roshni Yadav 94.4%
ii) Abhishek Tiwari 92%
iii) Himanshu Patil 92%
iv) Samarth Joshi 90.8%
v) Krati Khandelwal 89.2%

And the list goes on…..

They have soared so high that several of our students have secured admission in reputed collages of Medicine, Engineering, and Law & Commerce..

The achievers of our school of Std. X CBSE Boar Examination are: -

i) Tanishq Jalandar 95.4%
ii) Dakshash Vyas 92.6%
iii) Bhavya Namdev 92%
iv) Abhijeet Parmar 91.8%
v) Harsh Joshi 90.6%

And the list goes on…..

A Heartily Congratulations to all the teachers and parents behind the success. Our school motivates the students time to time holding meetings along with students, regarding their subjects’ difficulties, as well as how to cope up with adverse situations.

Periodic, Quarterly, half-Yearly and Annual Examination meetings are scheduled to facilitate interaction with parents.

Counselling by expert faculty is conducted for the students of Board Examination every year wherein subject experts give valuable tips that as a catalyst to score better.

We feel proud to announce that Master Avinash Yadav of class XII commerce stream was selected for ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ with our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and for this he had been to New Delhi and got an opportunity to meet him and he was also certified.

Steps Towards Environment

This year our school has launched a mission i.e. ‘Mission Garima’ which aims at banning the use of plastics. ‘Go Green’ another mission of Garima has led us among the CBSE green school mission in which our Garimayans took part in increased with a motivated aim of planting more and more saplings.

Our school along with our students also took initiative in launching a mission ‘Say No To Plastics’. In this mission the environment of our school reduced the use of plastic and all were asked to use even carry bags which are eco-friendly. Parents were invited to be a part of the mission ‘Say No To Plastics’ in which the school, our students and their parents took an oath for the same. They were gifted with handmade paper bags as a take away. These handmade paper bags were made using newspapers by the teachers and students of our school to promote the awareness.

The ambience of our school is Eco-friendly which has lush green environment free from stress and pollution providing students a promising healthy atmosphere. Our school has developed as a ‘NO ANGER ZONE’ where the interaction of students with their teachers is full of courtesy, magnanimity and encouragement.


Our Garimayans had participated in Neighbourhood Activity competition on the topic “Awareness Campaign for Children and Youth” with project and power-point presentation at Emerald Heights International School. Among 150+ schools those had participated, our Garimayans secured 1st position and were awarded by political dignitaries of India and Germany at our capital New Delhi, German Embassy.

The names of the students are: -

i) Nikhil Jain XI
ii) Priya Pandit XI
iii) Harshita Dubey XI
iv) Harsh Pandey X
v) Bhavya Namdev X


Our students are very active and have participated in sports and games and achieved awards not only at State or National Level but have made our head high at International Level also.

Our students actively participated in SGFI, Inter School Sahodaya Competitions, State, National and International Tournaments in Yoga, Disk Throw, Shot-put, Kudo and many more acquiring positions and awards.

“Sports do not build character they reveal it”

The session 2019-20 proved to be a blessing for our students and has also held our heads high with floods of achievements by our Garimayans.

Our students actively participated in the following competitions securing different positions. Following is the list of our Garimayans who have made us feel proud: -

1. SGFI - Athletics

State Level Competition
i) Akash Tiwari XII 1st Position
Division Level Competition
i) Akash Tiwari XII 1st Position
ii) Abhilash Sharma X 2nd Position
Selected for State Level.
ii) Akash Tiwari XII 2nd Position
Got selected for National Level

2. SGFI – Kudo Competition (13th and 14th August, 2019)

District Level (Girls)

i) Muskan Sharma 1st Position
ii) Sarika Singh 1st Position
iii) Yashika Kolte 1st Position
iv) Palak Khoware 1st Position
v) Somiya Jain 1st Position
vi) Khushi Dwivedi 1st Position
vii) Khushi Chouhan 1st Position
viii) Kamakshi Sharma 1st Position
ix) Sapna Kumari 2nd Position
x) Kanika Singh 2nd Position
xi) Akrati Jadon 2nd Position
xii) Vanshika Ojha 3rd Position

District Level (Boys)

i) Shreyensh Dwivedi 1st Position
ii) Sumit Choudhary 1st Position
iii) Vinit Gawande 1st Position
iv) Anurag Moree 1st Position
v) Ubaid Rehman 1st Position
vi) Chitransh Solanki 1st Position
vii) Divyansh Bhomre 1st Position
viii) Manish Moree 1st Position
ix) Vishal Yadav 2nd Position
x) Lakshya Rijwani 2nd Position
xi) Mandhar Gehlot 2nd Position
xii) Vansh Chouhan 2nd Position
xiii) Akash Sisodiya 2nd Position
xiv) Vinay Patel 2nd Position
xv) Harshit Rai 2nd Position
xvi) Lucky Bagora 2nd Position

National Kudo National Kudo Tournament Organized by Kudo Federation (5th to 11th May, 2019)

i) Ubaid Rehman 2nd Position
ii) Khushi Dwivedi 2nd Position
iii) Somya Jain 2nd Position
iv) Sarika Singh 2nd Position
v) Palak Khoware 3rd Position
vi) Muskan Sharma 3rd Position

Kudo International Tournament (21st to 24th October, 2019)

i) Sarika Sigh Gold Medalist
ii) Somya Jain Silver Medalist

SGFI – Kudo Competition (Gold Medalist) (1st October, 2019)

i) Kamakshi Sharma VII
ii) Vinit Gawande VIII
iii) Sumit Choudhary VIII
iv) Vishal Yadav VIII
v) Anand Solanki VIII
vi) Palak Khoware IX
vii) Muskan Sharma VIII
viii) Ubaid Rehman XI
ix) Chitransh Solanki IX
x) Khushi Dwivedi XI
xi) Binita Dhaulakati VIII
xii) Somya Jain XI

SGFI – State Tournament 2019-20 (13th To 17th October, 2019)


i) Khushi Dwivedi 2nd Position
ii) Somya Jain 2nd Position
iii) Muskan Sharma 2nd Position
iv) Sarika Singh 3rd Position
v) Kamakshi Sharma 3rd Position


i) Sumit Choudhary 2nd Position
ii) Ubaid Rehman 3rd Position
iii) Chitransh solanki 3rd Position
iv) Vishal Yadav 3rd Position
v) Anand Solanki 4th Position

3. SGFI – Interschool Yoga Competition 26th to 28th August, 2019 at -

Ahilya Ashram Pologroun

i) Jai Jaiswal 1st Position
ii) Devansh Dixit 1st Position
iii) Priya Gurung 3rd Position

Division Level 2019-20 (23rd September, 2019)

i) Priya Gurung 1st Position
ii) Adesh Nigam 5th Place
iii) Priya Gurung 3rd Position

SGFI – StateLevel: Yoga Competition (Gwalior) Priya Gurung selected for National Level

Indore Corporation Yoga Sports Association Open Tournaments

District Level (29th July, 2019).

i) Kusum Gurung 1st Position
ii) Bhoomika Sengar 1st Position
iii) Priya Gurung 1st position
iv Priya Gurung 1st position
v) Rahul Choubey 1st position
vii) Devansh Dixit 1st position

Got selected for Division Level (11th and 12th August, 2019)

i) Kusum Gurung 1st Position
ii) Bhoomika Sengar 1st Position
iii) Devansh Dixit 1st position
iv) Adish Nigam 1st position
v) Priya Gurung 2nd position
vi) Rahul Choubhey 2nd position

Got selected for State Level

Ratlam (M.P.) open tournament (11th and 12th August, 2019).

i) Kusum Singh 1st Position
ii) Bhoomika Sengar 1st Position
iii) Priya Gurung 2nd position
iv) Rahul Choubey 2nd position
v) Devansh Dixit 2nd position

Got selected for National Level (18th to 21st September, 2019)

Priya Gurung Secured 1st Position.

4. SAHODAYA – Inter-School Yoga Competition(16th November, 2019)


i) Priya Gurung Gold medal
ii) Bhoomika Sengar Gold medal
iii) Sakshi Singh Gold medal

Boys: - 3 participants.

Individual Event:-

i) Priya Gurung Gold medal
ii) Bhoomika Sengar Gold medal

Students of our school also participated in increased in many SGFI / Sahodaya School Complex Competitions like:

  1. SGFI – Inter-School Atya Patya District Level. Prerita Sahu of class IX secured 1st position and got selected for State Level and secured 1st position at State Level and ot selected for National Level.
  2. SGFI – Kick Boxing Competition on 2nd September, 2019 our school students got selected for State Level SGFI WU-SHU Competition.
  3. SGFI – Inter-School Volley Ball Competition.
  4. CBSE – Cluster Volley Ball Competition.
  5. SGFI – Inter- School Kabaddi Competition.
  6. CBSE – Cluster Kabaddi Competition.
  7. Indore Sahodaya Samagam School Cluster – II – Inter-school Kho-Kho Competition. (29th and 30th November, 2019) (Under 19 Boys).
  8. NDPS School – 2nd Invitational Inter-School Yoga Competition. (4th December, 2019).

  9. Under 14 Boys – 4 Gold Medals.

    Under 14 Girls – 4 Gold Medals.

Individual Event:-

Under 14 Boys: –

i) Adesh Nigam Gold medal

Under 14 Girls: –

i) Bhoomika Sengar Gold medal